Volume Macro Eclipse

Large macro volume with a wide and comfortable grip.

These holds have become essential on the walls of modern climbing walls where a few volumes form a route where not only strength is necessary to solve the problem, but also a good number of modern movements and and techniques (balance, jumps, hooks, flexibility, etc...).

With the new manufacturing system of the macro volumes, we solve the problem of durability of the fiber pieces with frequent screwing and unscrewing. The areas where the screw holes for are located are completely solid and do not wear out even with frequent repositioning, while the rest of the volume is manufactured with several layers of fiberglass giving it a lightness, strength and flexibility that has proven to be the best manufacturing system for macro volumes of this size.

The texture is formed integrated into the surface itself making it very durable compared to other technique  where aggregaretes are glued to the surface.

The "borderless" technique prevents the creation of crimps around the volume, so that the movements intended by the routesetter have to be performed to solve the block.

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